Warehouse and Service dep.

Located at Free Zone Belgrade in Viline Vode bb Street , business building of Yunycom company makes ground-floor ambience – warehouse and gallery ambience – service department , with total of 338 m² + 158 m²

Warehouse - main part of this area is hall on the ground floor i.e. storage space and so-called „cold room“ with devices which obtains const. temperature, with special system of thermal isolation used for goods that require to be stocked on “cold regime”. The other smaller part of this area is made for administrative purpose.

Service department – area which is placed on the gallery of this building made for technical support purpose and their work on devices in one part and for administrative work of our engineers in second part of the gallery. This area is also upgraded with steel construction where devices are placed.

This building is built in accordance to all laws, standards and normatives in the field of Architecture and Environment protection.

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