Blood Bags
Blood Transmitted Disease Detection Tests
Hemoglobine and hematocrit determination

JMS, Japan

In Serbia these bloods bags represent 22% of the annual required overall quantity. The percentage is the same in the countries of the European Union. The bags are of the highest quality and the product range is very wide. Various sizes (single bags, double bags, triple bags, quadruple bags and transfer), volumes (250 ml, 350 ml, 450 ml) and anticoagulant solutions CPDA1 and SAGM are available.

a)Sharpness of the needles
JMS is considered to be one of the world’s leading needle manufacturer. The technology which this company uses meets the highest transfusion quality and application standards. JMS needles are renowned for their superior needle sharpness. Every cannula undergoes a special silicon coating both on the internal and external surface to provide the optimum level of lubrication desirable. They are individually processed and tested to achieve perfect tip bevel geometry. JMS needle minimizes trauma and puncture pain that may occur during venipuncture
b) Elasticity of plastic material
Plastic material for JMS Blood Bag has been specially formulated to meet required standards for chemical and biological safety. Their gas permeability enables the bags to store viable platelets. No problems such as cracking or breaking of bags have been encountered during centrifuge cycle or storage (up to minus 80 degrees Celsius)

Sharpness of the needlesBlood bags

a-HCV, HbsAg, HIV Ag/Ab and Syphilis – Elisa Test

We further offer automated blood transmitted disease processing equipment. Maintenance as well as the spare parts are included in the offer.
Diagast, France     Dialab, Austria

Devices and microtiter plates for determination blood grouping systems.

Devices of Diagast Company – semiautomatic Freelys Nano which use reagents which are already prepared and immunohaematological automatic Qwalys 3 I Qwalys LX

FREEL YS® Qwalys® 3 Microtiter plates

FREEL YS® Qwalys® 3 Mikrotitarske ploce

EKF diagnostic, Germany

Quick and precise determination of Hb concentration and hematocrit in whole blood. Results in 25 to 60 seconds period. Sample volume 10ul.No dilution or additional reagents. Easy handling.