Axis-Shield, Norway

Thrombotrack Solo, Thrombotrack Select

Behnk, Germany

Compact X

• Single channel coagulometer for whole blood and plasma with INR calculation for measurement of PT, aPTT, TT, fibrinogen, PT in capillary blood.
• Automatic start when using start pipette. .
• Thermostat for incubation.

Thrombotrack solo

• Fully automated coagulation analyzer, Compact X produced by German company Behnk.
• Simple, fast and reliable.
• Beside measurement of PT, APTT and fibrinogen it is possible to measure AT III and D-dimer
• Sample throughput 160 tests/h.
• 16 positions for reagents. 32 positions for samples.
• Possibility of reload cuvettes, samples and reagents at any time