Enviromental policy

Yunycom d.o.o., a trade, marketing and agency company, is particularly committed to environmental protection issues, recognizing the impact of its business activities on the environment. The company ensures that all of its activities are undertaken with dedication and responsibility towards our surroundings.

Yunycom d.o.o. demonstrates its commitment to minimizing adverse impact on the environment, through its environmental management system, which is established, maintained and regularly improved in accordance with the requirements of the internationally recognized standard ISO 14001:2004.

Our environmental policy provides:

• Gradual reduction of adverse impact of the company's products, services and activities on the environment by continuous improvement of the environmental management system;
• Full compliance with the environmental laws and regulations;
• Identification of all the environmental aspects and evaluation of their significance in terms of environmental protection;
• Thorough management of the identified aspects;
• Pollution prevention by reduction and elimination of emission of pollutants into the environment, conservation of resources and energy, reduction of waste and its reuse and recycling.
• Compliance with environmental protection principles in the process of product and service procurement and evaluation of their impact on the environment;
• Waste management;
• Employee training, raising awareness of environmental issues and promoting behavioural change, encouraging employees to participate in the company’s efforts to improve its contribution to environmental protection.

Environmental policy is reviewed on regular basis and updated when required.

Consistent implementation of the policy, maintenance and improvement of the environmental management system is the responsibility of all the employees, while the company’s management has the responsibility to supervise the implementation and review the policy on regular basis.