Quality Management system

The quality and the service of our products is the most distinct reason for satisfaction of our customers; thus the quality has become the crucial and the most decisive factor of the company's success and good standing. We have made the quality our obligation and the basis of our entrepreneurial culture, always emphasized in our business policy. It is our aim to ensure long-term confidence and satisfaction of our business partners.

The quality policy of the company Yunycom is primarily directed at gaining trust of customers and all other parties involved (owner, suppliers, employees, community) by applying the basic principles of quality policy to satisfy their requests, needs and expectations.

It is with the quality policy that our management, commits itself and all the associates to meeting the quality requirements which are set chiefly by the customers and also by laws, standards, other regulations and by our internal rules. This aim can be achieved unquestionably and cost-effectively only if the adequate measures are carefully and skillfully designed, developed, applied and continuously optimized at all levels. The responsibility regarding this matter must be applied to everyone - from employees and associates to the management of the company according to their area of activity. Quality management system of the company Yunycom is based on the criteria of the international ISO standard 9001:2008. The company Yunycom is committed to complying with, applying and maintaining the said standard.

In view of the quality policy so established, our company is directed by the following superior quality goals:

• continual improvement of products and services aimed at not only meeting but also surpassing the needs of the suppliers, customers, employees and other parties involved.
• satisfying market demands and expectations of customers on regular and continuous basis;
• planning business activities and analyzing the results achieved
• ensuring the market position
• increasing the profit by increasing the product quality level and reducing business expenses
• regular training of the employees
• increasing the motivation of the employees
• professional attitude of the employees
• our company's quality policy applies to every employee and associate binding them to do all their duties in the manner which demonstrates high level of skill, high quality and awareness of responsibility to the satisfaction of customers.

We consider the implementation of all the above mentioned goals to be a significant precondition for providing long-term good market position of our company. The company's Chief Executive Officer and all the employees are committed to strict application and consistent improvement of the quality management system. The quality policy will be reviewed and adjusted on regular basis to meet the market requirements and the goals of the company Yunycom.