About us

YUNYCOM Ltd. Company has been registered in 1990. as private trading company and has been building trading business in import, export and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic products since.

Main activities are in the medical, pharmaceutical fields and cosmetics.

Yunycom is one of the biggest importers of pharmaceutical and medical products and it is market leader in Serbia concerning medical trade business. We import the required material used in biochemistry, hematology, transfusion, microbiology, physical therapy, cardiology.

We nurture business cooperation with about 35 different manufacturers and more than 2,000 different customers on the territory Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia market with satisfaction for both parties. Manufacturers that company have business cooperation with for many years now are strong and reliable business partners, and more than half are providing us support since Yunycom was found.

Main customers that Yunycom also have successful business cooperation with for many years now are Medical Institutions (hospitals, clinical centres, private clinics, health centres), pharmaceutical institutes, food and beverage manufacturers, foodstuffs quality control institutes, military medical institutions, and many other.

Yunycom Company employees are only professionals who are highly educated in various fields (medicine, pharmacy, economics, electrical engineering, law…)